About scholarships

As a student at Ultuna, there are many scholarships you can apply for during the year. Some scholarships are directly linked to our student union in some respects, while others are completely external.

On this page, you can find all current scholarships that the Union has received and the last application date is shown in parentheses. Some scholarships have more than one application opportunity.

Current union scholarships

Pedagogiska priset

LHS Stipendium för behövande (15 mars)
LHS Sholarship for people in need (15 March)

Swedbanks och ULS miljö-/landbygdsstipendium (1 april)

Karl-Fredrik Svärdströms sångarstipendium (15 april)

Lantmännen och ULS Från Jord till Bord-stipendium (25 April)

Don't miss that SLU also issues scholarships.

Here you will find scholarships from the NJ faculty.

Scholarships from 2020

DeLaval International AB:s resestipendium (30 april)

ULS Pedagogiska Pris (10 oktober)

Aron Westerlunds kamratstipendium (1 november)

PO Lindgrens kårmötestipendium (utses av ULS styrelse)

Cornellstipendiet (10 december)
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