The union has three so-called Ultunesare on duty who are happy to lend an ear. You can call them if you need to talk to someone about big or small. It can be anything from homesickness, sadness or loneliness to other life worries that you need to ventilate. They will not pass on what you are talking about to a third party, unless it is something that requires more professional support. In that case, it is something you agree on together.

You can of course call the Ultunesare on duty at any time you need, but the greatest chance of reaching them is during the day and in the early evening. The phone numbers provided go to their private mobiles. It is also possible to arrange a meeting with them or send an SMS.

Hur du når oss

Inspektor Anna Wistedt

070-543 05 03​

Johan Persson

073-360 28 42

Tilda Gammelgård

076-633 12 04