Your Rights - 10 Things Every Student Should Know

You have RIGHTS! Certainly quite often, but maybe most often without you knowing about it. There are laws in Sweden (the Higher Education Act, the Higher Education Ordinance, the Work Environment Act, etc.) which, together with the higher education institutions' own rules and guidelines, give you support during your studies. You have the right to complain and demand improvement, for example when your exam is oral instead of written as stated in the syllabus, or when the course evaluation has not been done or not compiled, or when your examiner refuses to hand out old exams, etc.

If you encounter problems with courses with substandard administration, examiners who mishandle the correction of exams, or anything else that affects your studies - you can contact Ultuna Student Union for advice, help and support. Vice President the head of education at the union is happy to answer questions and can pursue your case when needed.

1. Schedule must be available on the course website 4 weeks before the start of the course. And course literature must be available on the course website 8 weeks before the start of the course

2. Correction must be done within 15 weekdays after the exam

3. The result of a test must be announced at least 10 working days before the corresponding re-test.

4. You have the right to pick out a copy of your written exam

5. Students who appear for the exam later than 30 minutes after the scheduled time may not participate in the test and none of the writers may leave the room until 30 minutes of the exam have passed.

6. After two failed exams in the same course, you will have the right to change examiner

7. Grading criteria must be available in writing no later than at the start of the course. These are binding.

8. Normally, no tests are performed between Christmas and New Year or in July.

9. Mandatory items may not normally be moved or added to the schedule.

10. When you pass a course or test, the result must be reported to Ladok, this must be done within 3 working days.