Your Rights - 10 Things Every Student Should Know

You have RIGHTS! Certainly quite often, but maybe most often without you knowing about it. There are laws in Sweden (the Higher Education Act, the Higher Education Ordinance, the Work Environment Act, etc.) which, together with the higher education institutions' own rules and guidelines, give you support during your studies. You have the right to complain and demand improvement, for example when your exam is oral instead of written as stated in the syllabus, or when the course evaluation has not been done or not compiled, or when your examiner refuses to hand out old exams, etc.

If you encounter problems with courses with substandard administration, examiners who mishandle the correction of exams, or anything else that affects your studies - you can contact Ultuna Student Union for advice, help and support. Vice President the head of education at the union is happy to answer questions and can pursue your case when needed.

1. Schema och kurslitteratur ska finnas på kurshemsidan 4 respektive 8 veckor innan kursstart.

2. Rättning ska ske inom 15 arbetsdagar efter tentatillfälle.

3. Resultatet från en tentamen ska meddelas minst 10 vardagar före motsvarande omtentamen.

4. Du har rätt att plocka ut en kopia av din skriftliga tentamen.

5. Student som infinner sig till skrivningen senare än 30 minuter efter utsatt tid får inte delta i tentamen och ingen av de skrivande får lämna lokalen förrän 30 minuter av skrivningen har gått.

6. Du får efter två underkände tentamenstillfällen i samma kurs rätt att byta examinator.

7. Grading criteria must be available in writing no later than at the start of the course. These are binding.

8. I normalfallet genomförs inga tentamen mellan jul- och nyår eller i juli.

9. Mandatory items may not normally be moved or added to the schedule.

10. När du är godkänd på kurs eller tentamen ska resultatet rapporteras in i Ladok, detta ska ske inom 3 arbetsdagar.