What is education monitoring?

Ultuna Student Union's most important task is to present the students' opinions and thereby ensure that the educations are of good quality. Through the student union, you can make your voice heard so that the content and quality of the educations is continuously improved. Both the national education policy and the education issues pursued at SLU have a direct impact on your education.

Students at a university or college have the right by law to represent the students' interests in all the various decision-making bodies at the university or college. This is a great opportunity for us as students! If, for instance, you think that your education program lacks something, that a course is particularly prominent or perhaps that there have been too few laboratory hours during a course, then the union can help you present these views and pursue the issues you think are important so that the educations quality is constantly being raised.

As a student, it is important tospeak up when you do not think that everything is right in your education program or in the course you are studying. Ultuna student union is there to support you and works to ensure that your education is as good quality as possible. Feel free to contact one of your elected representatives in your study council at the union if you have questions or concerns about students' rights or the education monitoring at SLU. Also get in touch if you think there is a problem with any course or if you have been treated badly. Also do not forget that both the teachers and the study supervisors in the union like to hear when a course is good!

The union is there for you, through the union you can get involved in your education!

You are also welcome to contact the vice president for questions about your education via email uls_utb@stud.slu.se

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