ULS Organization

The union has three main areas of operation; education monitoring, business contacts and student welfare. The union has around 30 committees consisting of volunteering students that want to make sure their education and time as students is as enjoyable as possible. The union offers a wide variety of activities, everything from singing in a choir to working the cafe or pursuing sustainability.

The highest instance in the Union is the union meeting and five regular union meetings are held per year. It's up to the union board to implement the union meeting's decisions. The board is assisted by all committees, but also the Inspector, the student union council and the administrative council.

  1. The union meeting
    Supreme decision-making body
  2. The board
    Supreme executive body
  3. Business areas
    11 areas which are divided into 5 economies
  4. Committees / Boards / Study Council
  5. Board of Directors
    Advisory, called by the treasurer when needed
  6. Student union council
    Advisory, called 1 time per semester by Primus Motor

Influence the union meeting!

Så här går kårmötet till!

As a member, you have a great opportunity to influence the Union's work via the union meeting. Partly through your presence during the meeting but also by proposing the changes that you think are needed. This is most easily done by writing an motion. However, it can be difficult to get started with motion writing and therefore the Union has made a guide that will facilitate your opportunities to influence. The guide can be found in the link above.

Take the opportunity to make your voice heard!