If you have been a union member during the previous semester, you should get your semester notice sent to your email. If you have not been reached by a notice, you can contact the union secretariat (uls_kans@stud.slu.se) and they will be happy to help you!

The union collaborates with Mecenat, which offers a large number of general student discounts. In addition, there are specific discounts linked to membership in Ultuna Student Union. You can find these here.

To save money and reduce the Union's negative environmental impact, membership cards are not sent out automatically but are handled primarily in the mobile app.

Here's how to get the card:
In your smartphone
Download Mecenat's app and log in and your card will come up automatically (works just as well as a plastic card). You will receive a confirmation email with activation information for the current semester after your payment of union membership has been registered (may take 1-2 weeks).

Do you want a physical card?
No problems - go to: https://help.mecenat.com/hc/en-gb/categories/115001157066-My-card-my-account-at-Mecenat and enter your swedish personal number and a card will be sent to you free of charge!

In order to securely access the discounts that your union membership offers, it is important that you can verify it through the app in your mobile or a physical card for the companies that provide discounts. The same applies to union activities where membership gives a discounted price, or is mandatory.