Student health

The student union works to promote good mental and physical health among the students. To help us, there is "Studenthälsan" where you can find, among other things, nurses and psychologists with long experience of study-related problems such as stress management, low self-esteem, daring to speech problems, performance anxiety, depression and difficulty sleeping. They offer individual talks as well as courses and workshops on various topics. If you need to talk about your or others' alcohol habits, there is free alcohol counseling. Do not wait too long, it is easier to deal with the problems at an earlier stage!

Contact Studenthälsan:
Phone: 018-471 69 00

For your physical well-being, there is a sports association (ULS IF) and an outdoor association (UFFE) at Ultuna Student Union that conducts health-promoting activities.

Study environment

The university is your workplace as a student and is covered by the same laws as all other workplaces. The union has representatives in committees that discuss, among other things, work environment issues on campus. It can affect everything from air quality, safety in laboratory rooms and noise, to chairs, computers and microwave ovens in student premises. If you feel that your study environment is not good, then contact the student welfare official in the union board.


The student union is committed to more new homes being built in Uppsala and, in collaboration with the other unions in Uppsala, is trying to influence stakeholders in the housing market. ULS does not manage housing, but there is a foundation, SUSbo (Stiftelsen Ultuna StudentBostäder), which Kåren has founded and with which we sit on the board and have close contact. At SUSbo, you as a union member have the opportunity to apply for housing!
Here you can find more information about their homes.

Further information about housing can be found here.