Lunch Seminars

Ultuna Student Union's Business Committee welcomes you to hold a lunch lecture for students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences campus Ultuna, Uppsala. The lunch lecture lasts one hour when you present your company and / or an interesting topic related to your business. The lecture ends with the students being able to ask you questions. We functionaries at the union are responsible for all practical preparations such as booking premises and food, marketing the event and helping during and after the lunch lecture. The students who are educated at SLU will in the future work as key people in the green industries. A lunch lecture is an excellent opportunity for you to get in touch with the students.

Educations at SLU - Ultuna

Agronomist (270/300hp)

  • Agrar Ekonomi
  • Djur och hållbarhet
  • Livsmedelsprogrammet
  • Samhällsutveckling -landsbygd
  • Växtodlingsprogrammet

Master (300hp)

  • Landskapsarkitekt
  • Civilingenjör i energisystem
  • Civilingenjör i miljö och vattenteknik

Bachelor (180hp)

  • Biologi och Miljövetenskap
  • Ekonomi -hållbar utveckling
  • Etologi och Djurskydd
  • Landskapsingenjör
  • Politices kandidat -hållbar utveckling
  • Skogsekonomi


  • Agricultultural Economics and Management
  • Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis
  • Animal Science
  • EnvEuro
  • Enviromental Communication and Management
  • Environmental Economics and Management
  • Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation
  • Livsmedelstillsyn
  • Plant Biology for Sustainable Production
  • Rural Development and Natural Resource Management
  • Soil, Water and Environment
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable food system​

For more information and/or event planning, please contact us by email or phone

Ida Frankenberg
070-597 59 85