The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Ultuna, är beläget 3 km söder om Uppsala. Här utbildas 2000 studenter på program och kurser inriktade mot den gröna näringen. Vid SLU Ultuna utbildas agronomer inom fem olika program, civilingenjörer med två olika inriktningar, landskapsarkitekter, veterinärer och djursjukskötare samt flertalet kandidater.

Ultuna Student Union

Ultuna Student Union is one of Sweden's oldest student unions and started around 1868. The organization is run on a non-profit basis by committed students and has around 190 positions. In order to constantly improve the educations and the student social environment, Ultuna student union has a well-developed collaboration with SLU. The union also works actively with business contacts, which we believe is very important to facilitate students' transition from student life to working life.

The Welcoming Weeks

All new students at SLU Ultuna begin their study period with two welcoming weeks that Ultuna Student Union organizes. The weeks contain a variety of events with the aim that the new students will quickly get to know each other, the university, the city and the older students. The welcoming weeks are one of the biggest events that the Union organizes and are considered to be one of the most fun elements during the study period. To increase the quality of the welcoming weeks, the Union collaborates with companies that want to support it and at the same time market themselves.

Ultuna Student Union is looking for main sponsors

The union offers you exclusive marketing during these two weeks

The union's website

During these weeks, the dissemination of information about what is happening on campus is extremely important and the website has a central role there. During the weeks, a separate tab will be presented at the top of the website containing all information about the weeks for new as well as old students. In the left margin, there will be a separate link with the main sponsors of the welcome weeks, where you will receive your own presentation and a link to any website.

The union house TV-screen system

The union owns its own TV screen system to effectively disseminate information to the students. Your logo will be included under the main sponsors page.

Paper information

The new students receive a lot of information about the welcoming weeks, such as the schedule and various assignments to be completed. Your logo will be on these papers. If you want additional marketing, there is the opportunity to send beach flags or banners that we can put up on campus

Ultuna student union is looking for support sponsors

The union offers companies that sponsor desirable products exclusive marketing during these two weeks


When serving your products, it will be clear who provided them. The union is responsible for all practicalities such as printing company logos for the servings.


Ultuna student union is locatd in the middle of the campus. During the welcoming weeks, the union house becomes a natural gathering place for the new students. To welcome them, activities are held daily such as, sports competitions, meals and an introduction to the school's traditions. In the evenings there will also be a pub where light food is served. Because your company offers products for any of these activities, you will be well exposed. Your company is offered posters in the union house and on campus during these weeks. We also have the opportunity to distribute any advertising products, such as pens etc.

Sponsors please contact

August Wall Persson

Ida Frankenberg