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Your membership matters!

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Are you a new student and enrolling as a member? Do not forget to save the receipt email to be able to easily show the first day of the training, then the risk of queuing at enrollment is reduced!
Notera att veterinär- och djursjukskötarstudenter inte kan vara studerandemedlemmar hos Ultuna Studentkår. Detta gäller även studenter från andra campus.

There are three types of membership in the Ultuna student union:
  • Academic year Membership, membership is term-bound. If you buy in the autumn term, the membership applies to Autumn/Spring.
  • Half-year membership, the membership is fixed-term and valid for one semester. Be careful and check that you are buying for the right semester.
  • Support member, Available for both full-year and half-years, is fixed-term.

For those of you who buy support membership, it is important to check so you buy for the right semester.

If you buy a full-year membership during the summer, make sure you buy for Autumn/Spring.

For you who are studying, it is important to check that you choose membership for "Student member". If you do not find a “student member”, it may be that you already have a membership, contact the Union Secreteriat with questions.

In case of problems or questions, contact the Union Secretariat (Kårkansliet, KK) Uppdateras snart

Become a member!

  • Academic year Membership 500 SEK
  • Half-year membership 250 SEK
  • Stödmedlem 250kr/termin

What benefits do you have as a member? You can read about that here!

Your membership matters!

Here you can register as a new member or obtain payment information to renew your membership.
Are you a new student and entering as a member? Remember to save the receipt email to easily show up the first day, which reduces the risk of queuing at enrollment!

There are three types of membership to Ultuna Student Union
  • Full-year membership (Helårsmedlemskap), the membership is bound by semesters. If you purchase membership during autumn the membership applies to AUTUMN/SPRING.
  • Half-year membership (halvårsmedlemskap), the membership is tied to a specific semester. Be sure to check that you purchase for the correct semester.
  • Support Member (stödmedlemskap), is available for both the full year and half year, it is bound to semesters. This is mainly for people that don’t study at SLU but wants to stand in a queue for an apartment at SUSBO.

For new students

For those who purchase the support membership before you start studying at SLU, make sure you buy support membership for the right semester. The same applies if you start in the SPRING.
If you buy the full-year membership in the summer make sure you buy for AUTUMN/SPRING.

For problems or questions, please contact Kårkansliet ( KK) : Will be updated soon