As a Union member, you have the opportunity to become a functionary in the Union's activities. Being a union official is a unique opportunity to collaborate with people that you will later benefit greatly from in your professional life. In addition, your non-profit involvement as a volunteer provides valuable merits to supplement your CV with, merits that are highly valued by future employers.

How do I do?
To become a volunteer in the Union, you sign up on the "yellow lists" that are set up well in advance of a Union meeting on various bulletin boards around campus. The election then takes place during the Union meeting, which is usually in October, November, February, March and May. More information about the yellow lists and union meetings can be found in the Facebook events prior to each meeting.
If you are applying for a position, it is appreciated to come to the Union Meeting and introduce yourself. Sometimes there is competition, then you usually present yourself a little longer and say why you want that particular position. Then a secret ballot takes place via ballot papers.

As a functionary, you get, among other things: 
  • Work experience! After the end of the period, you can receive a work certificate that shows what you have done as a volunteer. You can use this when applying for a job and you can cite the chairman of your committee or union chairman as a reference. In this way, your union involvement can be an important component in your career! Some positions also include direct business connection, which can give you good contacts.
  • Personal development! As a union volunteer, you have many opportunities to develop your leadership skills, become better at working in groups and express yourself in speech and text.
  • Meet new friends outside your class! Kåren rymmer alla typer av människor, allt från programstudenter på alla de program som är kopplade till SLU till internationella studenter.
  • Contribute to a good student life and a high quality of education! The study councils work actively to ensure that ALL students have a good education, among other things by reviewing all course evaluations. As a member of the study councils, you get the opportunity to influence your education so that all courses have a high quality!
If you want to read more in detail about all our committees and positions, click on the post descriptions at the top of the page!