Stay with SUSbo - Campus close housing

As a union member, you get the opportunity to live in the popular housing at Gälbo and Kronåsen via the Ultuna Student Housing Foundation (SUSbo). Read more about this at

Discounts at many companies

As a union member, you get a number of different discounts from our partners:

10 % på alla varor.

25% on MUSH vaisto, updated 1-2 times per semester. Get your personal discount code by going down to the Union house and signing up for the list available at the Union house.

Dinners and Events

Som medlem har du 20 % rabatt på och dessutom förtur till middagsbiljetter, studieresor, spexbiljetter m.m. 

Do you have a dog? The Union has dog kennels on campus!

As a union member, you have the opportunity to apply for a spot in ULS dog kennels. You need to be a union member both to queue for a spot and to rent one.


As a student at Ultuna and as a member there are many scholarships you can apply for during the year. Some scholarships are directly linked to our student union in some respects, while others are completely external.

Click here for current scholarships you can apply for!

Rent the Union house and Aron Hus in Båstad

As a member, you can rent the Union house at favorable prices! Click here to read more.

Arons Hus, which was donated to the Union by Aron and Paola Westerlund in 1977, is located 400 m from Centercourt in Båstad. There are three bedrooms and additional sleeping facilities. As a member, you have priority in the draw for the summer weeks and also lower rent throughout the year. Read more here!

Do you want to go to the graduation ball?

When you finally graduate, members are welcome as a graduate at the exam pub, photography, celebration and ball.