At SLU, there are approximately 3,900 students. Since SLU is spread over large parts of the country, there is at least one student union on each campus. There are a total of seven unions at SLU, of which the Ultuna student union is the largest. The other Unions are (from north to south); Skogshögskolan's student union, Veterinärmedicinska föreningen, Skogsmästarskolan's student union, Hippologernas Akademiska student Union, Alnarps student union and Lantmästarkåren. All seven student unions are members of a co-operation body called SLUSS, (SLU's Samlade Studentkårer) through which the student unions together pursue major issues concerning the entire university and not just the parts of the university that each union monitors. The chairman and vice chairman of SLUSS work full time with these and other issues and represent the students in SLU's board and management council as well as in a number of advisory bodies within the university's central administration. Twice each semester, the unions' SLUSS representatives (one student from each SLUSS union) meet to discuss and decide which issues to pursue, how to think about these issues, which union is to represent the students in the various decision-making bodies and on the different levels within SLU etc.

SLUSS' main task is to represent all students (undergraduate, advanced and doctoral level) at SLU in university-wide issues. This means that they represent you as a student in, among other things, SLU's board and the principal's management council.

SLUSS has two full-time paid students who work with what is called student influence. It is the member unions that decides which issues are to be pursued towards the university and which students are to represent in everything from program committees to study social councils and faculty boards.