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Småttinghäftet 2021

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Schema Småttingveckor 2021

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Schedule for international and master students

The times, the activities and more.

We are happy to welcome, as usual, many new SLU students this autumn. At the same time, we are in a completely new situation with COVID-19. Therefore, there will be a customized welcome that follows the current restrictions, to avoid unnecessary risks and ensure that everyone can feel comfortable participating.

The "Småttingveckorna" are the name of ULS welcoming weeks - two weeks that are there for you as a new student to feel welcome on campus. The pace during the weeks is often high and there are a lot of activities that are all arranged by our union functionaries. It is an inviting atmosphere on campus and it is very important to us that you as a student feel welcome and safe.

The welcoming weeks start on Monday 30/8 and end on Sunday 12/9. The two weeks are full of activities and elements that enrich student life, and help you get on your feet in your new student city. As a new student (also called a minion), you will get to know other students, and the traditions associated with Ultuna Student Union and the university.

The welcoming activities are there for you as a new student to have the opportunity to meet other students within and between the years and between the programs. It is a perfect opportunity to make new contacts and have fun at the same time. The welcoming activities also include an introduction to the campus, the Union and the university. Here you will not only meet sponsors and functionaries from the Union (a functionary is a student who works voluntarily at the Union), but also has the opportunity to get to know representatives and organizations from both business and the municipality.


Congratulations to you who are going to be a new student at our fantastic university! We at Fadderiet would like to warmly welcome you to Uppsala, SLU and Ultuna Student Union! My name is Moa Eriksson and I am the Headbuddy. During the first two weeks, I will, together with the class buddies, help you get into your new everyday life. Each program has its very own wonderful buddy who keeps a close eye on their particular program, but also on the entire reception and the university in general. We will be with you during the reception - the first two weeks of the semester - to answer questions and introduce you to your upcoming student life. Contact information for your class buddy can be found at the top of the page. If you already have any thoughts, do not hesitate to contact me, or the buddies on their email!

The reception's two weeks are planned with many fun activities and is a great location to get to know your new fellow students and the Ultuna campus. Over the past year, we at Fadderiet have worked intensively to make the welcoming weeks 2021 as memorable and fun as possible despite the current situation. All activities are of course voluntary and we buddies will always be by your side during these two weeks.

Alcohol consumption is completely voluntary and we want to emphasize that it is not weird to say no if you are offered alcohol.

After a long wait for us in the buddy comittee, we are super excited to meet all of you new students. Hope you are at least as excited to come to us at SLU and become part of the Ultuna family! Do not forget that you are free to contact us if there is something you are wondering about!

Glada hälsningar!
Moa Eriksson, Hufvudfadder

Dinners during the year

During the union year, the union's "Klubbmästeri" organizes dinners. These are very fun events where you eat good food under more controlled conditions and get the opportunity to hang out with Ultuna students. Depending on the academic event in question, different clothing requirements apply, usually a suit. You will receive more information about the dinners during the Welcoming Weeks and in the future, keep an eye on the union's social media!

Traditions at Ultuna

Ultuna Student Union is an old union with great ancestry, but do not let this scare you. Of course, much will be new and unfamiliar, but you will learn quickly. Our traditions include everything from dinners and festivities, to more subtle things. The most important thing to know is that the traditions are here to improve our time at Ultuna.

When you come to Ultuna Student Union, you will be met by a variety of concepts and historical figures that can be good to know a little more about:

Jyns Ultunae: Jyns, or Jynsen, is a Viking chief who, together with his Viking brothers, is said to be Ultuna's first inhabitants. Jyns is more of a myth than facts, because even though Ultuna stands on many old Viking graves, it has not been possible to determine with certainty in which he still sleeps.

Ulla Ultunae: Jyns' wife, and later also the mother of their joint child, the "Småtting".

Union names: Awarded each year to union officials who have worked on the board, the "Klubbmästeriet" and those who have been chairman of their respective committees. The union name is printed in capital letters between, or instead of, first and last name and is used e.g. at dinners. The union names originated in the early 20th century and were then called "kåknamn", because Kåken was the name of the home the students lived in. At that time, the "Kåknamn" served a lot as a classless name to create equality between the students when everyone became brothers and no one was "Mr. Count" anymore.

Inspector: The union's inspector used to be a person at the university who would keep track of the students' activities. Today, the title of inspector is associated with an honorary assignment; The inspector acts as an important link between the university and the union, and gives the union a supportive hand in its activities.
The union's current inspector is Anna Wistedt and works at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry.