Inspector and Honorary members

Anna Wistedt
Anna has been the inspector for the Union since 2020, she works at the Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry as a university lecturer and is program director for the bachelor's program Animal and Sustainability and the master's program Animal Science. She is also the department director responsible for the education her department does for the Veterinary Program and the Veterinary Nursing Program. Anna studied Animal Science Agronomist at Ultuna and defended her dissertation in 2013. We are happy that Anna wants to get involved with Ultuna Student Union and are honored to have her as an inspector.

Cecilia ALMA Mark-Herbert
ALMA has been the Union's proinspector since 2019, she works as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Forest Economics at the S Faculty and has previously worked at the Department of Economics at the NJ Faculty. ALMA is committed to students and spends a lot of time on pedagogical development to improve the educations where she is involved. She was also named an honorary member of the Ultuna Student Union in 2015 for her commitment to the Union and to the students at SLU.

Honorary members
Birger URAN Svensson
Chairman 54/55 and 5th member in the board for a number of years in the 60s and 70s. Worked actively with student issues; including study grants and student housing. Very knowledgeable about the Union's history.
Elected 1970

Peter PE Edling
Chairman 1967. Was 5th member of the Board for three years. Great friend of the Union.
Elected 1972

Anders HERDEN Nilsson
Secretary of the Union Building Committee. Without him - no union house!
Elected 1976

Sten LOVE Ebbersten
Former dean and student friend. Worked a lot for the renewal of studies.
Elected 1989

Bo PRIMÖR Andersson
Treasurer for a number of years in the 80s. Helped the Union a lot.
Since 2017 treasurer again.
Elected 1988

Mårten TYGEL Carlsson
Former principal and very student friendly. Former president of KSLA.
Elected 1994

Per-Göran ABBOT Knutsson
Inspector between 1984-1994. Held the professorship of BUDDHA and succeeded him.
Elected 1994

Lennart KARAT Hult
Chairman of SUS and member of the Kårlokalnämnden. Great friend of the Union and a frequent dinner guest.
Elected 1996

Sven-Uno SLÖÖ Skarp
Chairman 1959-60, great Ultuna friend. former CEO and secretary of KSLA. Elected 1996. Retired 31 May 1999.

Claes BERGFAST I:son Lundin
Inspector 1994-1999. Renewed the inspectorate - made the role more active.
Elected 1999

Thomas PEBBE Persson
Long and faithful Ultuna service. Took over after TRULS as a judge at Kämpalekarna.
Elected 1999

Erik STABIL Wildt Persson
Chairman of the renovation group 2002-06. Without him - no renovation!
Elected 2006

Bengt HELIOS Guss
Inspector 1999-2009. Has received the stamp "cozy uncle" at the Union and is the one at SLU, except to the current inspector, who has the best insight into the Union's activities.
Elected 2009

Johan PROJEKT Rockström
Chairman of the Union 1989. Named the most powerful in the environment (Miljömäktigast) in Sweden in 2012 and 2013 by the magazine Miljöaktuellt and was awarded the Agronom of the Year 2013 prize by the Swedish Agronomists' Association. Held a very inspiring speech before the Spring Ball 2012.
Elected 2013

Cecilia ALMA Mark-Herbert
Researcher and teacher at the Department of Forest Products. ALMA has for a long time spoken warmly about the union and worked for the student union's activities, as well as encouraged students to get involved in the union. She has also been a driving force in equal condition issues, which has been very positive for Ultuna's students.
Elected 2015

Hans DYKERT Andersson
Employed professor at the Department of Economics. Participated in the audit work within ULS and a dedicated dinner guest. DYKERT has a great personal interest and commitment in the students he teaches/has taught at SLU and is happy to keep in touch with his students after their studies. He has for a long time cared for ULS' activities and the students' well-being on the Ultuna campus.
Elected 2019

Anders LIEMANNEN Eriksson
Anders passed away quickly and tragically on April 11th 2018 and at the Union's Memorial Day on April 11th 2019, the board announced that they intended to nominate LIEMANNEN as an honorary member at the May union meeting, an appointment that LIEMANNEN has long deserved. LIEMANNEN was devoted to spexet, a frequent dinner guest and also very involved in the Student Union's Council. His commitment to the Union has been extraordinary throughout his time at SLU.
Elected 2019