International student at Ultuna

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The welcoming weeks!

The Welcoming weeks are arranged by the Student Union. We will meet at the Union House down at the beautiful campus of Ultuna, more information will come when the program is ready. Here all master students, Swedish and International together, begin the introduction to Ultuna and the Student Union and get the membership to join all the fun activities. During this first weeks you will come in contact with the University and the student life of the Student Union and also the city of Uppsala . The Welcoming weeks are filled with activities and takes place to gain new friends, to experience the campus, town and surroundings and learn about the history of the student union and Ultunae beautiful meadows. We, the Master Committee and the International Committee, look forward to meet you!

The purpose is that you as a new student should have the opportunity to meet other students within and between courses and nationality. It is a perfect opportunity to make new contacts while having fun. The activities also includes an introduction to the campus, the Student Union and to the university.

To get in Contact with the Committee for Exchange- and other non-program international students, Contact the Chairperson of International Committee:

FAQ for international students at Ultuna

- What is the Union and why should I be a member?

As a member of ULS you are welcome to use all the union facilities such as computers, microwave ovens, library and daily and weekly papers. You will also receive the union paper Ultunesaren and the yearbook Avelskalendern. The students’ union and its organisations arrange lots of activities, among these are traditional dinners, student theatres, international activities and choirs. The union has a café; FiQ in the upper floor of the union and it is usually open Mondays. All members are automatically members of ULS IF, our sports organisation. You have access to the sport facilities: a sports hall, a gym, a soccer-field etc.
One of the most important responsibilities of the students’ union is to represent the members towards the university and the departments and to work in the best interest of the students. Through the students’ union you can make your voice heard so that the content and quality of the educations is improved continuously. Student representatives, appointed by ULS, sit in preparing and deciding organs at different levels at the university. If decisions are made at university level that affects our education, we have the right to be a part of the decision making.

- Where can I find a place to live?

It can be hard to find a place to live, but it is not impossible! Here are a few links that can be helpfull! - The site contains useful information to make it easier for people who are looking for accommodation in Sweden.
You also get a glimpse of how the housing market in Sweden is right now. - A site for housing in Uppsala, made for students. - Uppsala Bostadsförmedling is a part of Uppsala municipality and mediates first hand contracts for student apartments from Studentstaden and Rikshem, two of Uppsala's largest student landlords. Even international students who do not have a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer) can get their student housing through them. The sooner you register, the bigger your chances are of getting an apartment. Your accumulated queueing time can be used to search for other types of rental apartments within the Uppsala region, both during and after your study period.

The Nations - Most nations have centrally located student housing in the form of a dorm rooms and apartments. The waiting time and the number of rooms / apartments varies from nation to nation.

The Union Education Councils (Studieråd)

The study councils work with education monitoring, student representation and social activities for specific study programs on bachelor's and master's level. There are six study councils, each responsible for the following study programmes:

Biotechnology and Food Science Council
• Agriculture Programme - Food Science
• Sustainable Food Systems

Biology, Soil and Environmental Sciences Council
• Agriculture Programme - Soil and Plant Sciences
• Biology and Environmental Science
• EnvEuro
• Soil, Water and Environment/Soil and Water Management
• Plant Biology

Economics Council
• Agriculture Programme - Economics and Management
• Economics and Management – Sustainable Development
• Agricultural Economics and Management
• Environmental Economics and Management
• Agricultural, Food and Environmental Policy Analysis (AFEPA)

Animal Sciences Council
• Agriculture programme - Animal Science
• Ethology and Welfare
• Companion and Sports Animals
• Animal Science

Rural Development Council
• Agriculture Programme - Rural Development
• Sustainable Development
• Rural Development and Natural Resource Management
• Environmental Communication and Management

Landscape Architecture Council
• Landscape Architecture Programme - Uppsala
• Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation

For more information come and visit us personally at the Union building or contact:

Ylva EXCEL-ENT Henriksson
Vice chairwoman resposible for education monitoring 2018

Visiting address:
Duhrevägen 6,
750 07 Uppsala

The International Committee (IC)

The International Committee is a part of the Ultuna Student Union. We organise welcoming activities and “buddies” for arriving exchange students. We also inform and encourage the members of the Student Union about studying abroad. We welcome international students, arrange social activities for Swedish and International students jointly and strengthen the international perspectives at Ultuna.

Example of activities:
Let’s go to the forest!
International pub crawl
International pot luck dinner
Buddy program
Welcoming activities

We would also like to welcome the master students to all our activities!
We are not only here to make your stay in Uppsala easier, we are also here to make it more fun! We organise different activities throughout the semester and they are usually a lot of fun.
Every week we translate the information letter from the student union and add our information about activities and typical Swedish traditions for the period.
If you have any questions regarding anything, don’t hesitate to contact us, through email or Facebook!

You can contact us at uls_ic(at)

The Master Committee (MC)

We are Master Program Students who organize Welcoming activities (joint with welcoming program for Exchange and other international students), and sometimes other events, for all master program students at Ultuna Student Union. Join our activities and maybe also the Committee during your years at Ultuna!