Vårbal 2022

Examen närmare sig med storm steg och trots att det är långt kvar till maj vet vi alla att våren flyger förbi
snabbare än man tror. Såklart ska examen firas med ceremoni och bal och här kommer lite viktiga datum att
skriva upp i kalendern. Ett krav är att examenstagaren är studerande kårmedlem i kåren.

Bal för kandidat- och två-åriga masterprogrammen tillägnad:
Examensceremoni och bal genomförs den 21 maj.
Anmälan öppnar den 31 mars och stänger 27 april.

Bal för yrkesprogrammen (dvs. Agronomer samt Landskapsarkitekter) tillägnad:
Examensceremoni och bal genomförs den 28 maj.
Anmälan öppnar den 31 mars och stänger 4 maj.

För båda examensceremonierna och balerna gäller max 3 anhöriga per person. Högstidsvers ska vara inskickad
en vecka efter stängd anmälan. Verspub hålls torsdagen och fredagen före resp. ceremoni.
Mer information kommer ut närmare anmälan och ceremoni, så håll koll på nyhetsbrevet!
Frågor? Hör av dig till uls_bal@stud.slu.se eller uls_ceremoni@stud.slu.s


Information inför examinationsceremonier 2022

Graduation ring
Are you studying to become an agronomist, landscape architect or forester and graduate this spring? Then it's time to contact the goldsmith for your graduation ring!

Our goldsmith Stefan Carlsson is located at Vretgränd 6. The goldsmith is open Tuesday to Thursday 09.30 to 17.00, and Friday 09.30 to 16.00.

Be sure to sort it out well in advance!


How a ball usually goes in short.
A ball usually starts with those who are to graduate gather in the auditorium where they can receive their diploma and ring, also that Ultunae Drängar (UD) and ULLA sing. A keynote speaker also usually participates. After that, the graduates move to the union for a pre-drink and to find their place in Syltan before the ball session. After that, the dinner takes place and after that there is a party in the union house.

A spring ball usually starts with the graduates gather outside the auditorium, where they are then led in a procession into the auditorium where they find their seats. Then there are speeches, then the examinees are called up to receive their diploma and possibly their ring.

Ultunae Drängar and ULLA also usually sing.

After the ceremony, the examinees gather in the union house for mingle and pre-drink, as well as to find their seats before the dinner. Then you go to your respective seat and start the ball. After the ball dinner, you gather again at the union house, or other suitable place, for the party.

Ring verse
A ring verse, or a pub verse as it can also be called, is when your union mates, classmates and / or friends have written a verse or a powerpoint where you can show off your friend's best memories, feats and the like. (Suitable content only.). This is something the student arranges himself and not something the Union does for all graduates.

A ring verse will be held on May 13 for those who did not receive one last year due to Corona. Then there will also be ring verses on 20 and 21 May and on 27 and 28 May. More information about registration will be added later.

Festive verse
A festive verse is what is written by relatives, friends or classmates that is read out during the examination ceremony.

The two different scenarios we're working with
As we work under strange conditions in the world today, the examination ceremonies will be divided into two different occasions where bachelor students have a date, May 22 and master students have May 29. However, the right is reserved, that if there are too few examinees, both dates will be merged and all graduates will take it together. More information will be added later.

For questions regarding the ceremony, you are welcome to contact the master of ceremonies uls_ceremoni@stud.slu.se

Spring Prom 2022


Graduation is closing in and though May is far away spring will go by faster then we think. Graduation must of
course be celebrated with a ceremony and banquette and therefore some important dates are now presented to
write down in your calendar. You need to be a member of the student union for the banquette.

For the bachelor and two-year-master graduates its dedicated:
The graduation ceremony and banquette will be held May 21.
Sign up will open March 31 and close April 27.

For the vocational graduates (meaning, Agronomists & Landscape Architects) its dedicated:
The graduation ceremony and banquette will be held May 28.
Sign up will open March 31 and close May 4.

Regarding both graduation ceremonies and banquettes a limit is set to 3 quests per graduate. Deadline for examination verse is one week after sign up closes. The verse pub will be help Thursday and Friday before each
You will get more information as time comes closer to sign up and ceremony, so keep an eye on the newsletter!

What is the spring prom?

Graduation ring
If you study agronomy, landscape architect or jägmästare and are graduating this spring – then it is time for you to contact the goldsmith for your graduation ring.

Our goldsmith Stefan Carlsson can be found at Vretgränd 6 and is open Tuesdays to Thursdays 09.30am to 05.00pm, and Fridays at 09.30am to 04.00pm. Make sure to contact him in time!


Shortly before the spring prom is held, graduates and their friends gather together for an evening of ringvers. During the evening graduates will be honored by appearances from loved ones who show some happy moments they experienced together during their student time. The verse can be a slideshow (power point presentation) or a movie/movies combined with stories and it will be held for 15 minutes per graduate. More information will be sent to the person responsible for the individual verse.
If you have questions about the ring verse, contact the prom committee at uls_bal@stud.slu.se

Graduation ceremony
All Union members who graduates with a bachelor’s or master's degree will be able to participate in the Ultuna union’s graduation ceremony held on the prom day at Aulan. The ceremony is a formal event where, among other things, all the graduates can receive a diploma on stage. The ceremony will also offer speeches, entertainment and coffee together with the ceremony. The dress code for the graduation ceremony is a full evening dress and suite. The graduation ceremony is free for all graduates but requires registration through the union website.
REMEMBER! To participate in the ceremony you as a graduate are required to be a member of the Ultuna student union. Guests of the graduate do not have to be members to attend.

For questions concerning the ceremony you are more than welcome to contact the ceremony committee at uls_ceremoni@stud.slu.se

Dinner starts with pre-dinner drinks at 18dk in the Union house and will continue in Syltan. During the dinner you will sit with your company and class. The price for the dinner is 600 SEK, which applies to both members of the union and non-members.

“Högtidsvers”/Formal verse
During the graduation ceremony, a speech for each graduate will be read by the prom committee before they are handed a diploma. These are written by friends / family to the graduate and is usually a short text on the rim, which is about your study time.

More information will be sent to the person who is responsible for your formal verse, the verse must be sent no later than 3rd of May to uls_bal@stud.slu.se

For the spring prom it is custom with formal dress. This entails a dress suit/white tie for men and a ball gown for women.