Pluggstugan är ett projekt som erbjuder pluggstugor där studenter hjälper andra studenter med matte, kemi, statistik m.m.

Projektledare för Pluggstugan är Farjana Bilkis,

Pluggstugan is a project that offers study sessions where students help each other with math, chemistry, statistics etc.

Project leader for Pluggstugan is Farjana Bilkis,

Do you need extra help in hard lessons?

Dear students, do you feel trouble in Mathematics/Statistics/Chemistry lessons? Do you need extra help to understand these lessons easily? Ultuna student Union presents a new study session program, ‘Pluggstugan’.

Pluggstugan arranges peer tutors to help you in difficult subjects like mathematics/statistics/chemistry etc. Peer tutors will help you to understand difficult topics with easy explanation and concrete examples.

If you want to get help in these difficult subjects/lessons, please sign up in the following link. After signing up, we will make a study plan and study schedule for you.

If you have further questions, please send an email to

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